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new vitamin B tonic Advanced Supplements

PostPosted: Sat Jan 07, 2012 10:17 pm
by advancedsupplements

What is it ?

B-WING is a quality vitamin supplement tonic that can
help boost your birds performance with regular use.
Only the purest Vitamin B12 is used in the formulation
And therefore making it a very high quality product.

Advantages :

Among the B vitamins riboflavin and calcium pantothenate
are often low and vitamin B12 is not present in the birds
feed. This means that the vitamins that are lacking in the
grain must be given to the pigeons in some other form.Many
fanciers use spinach and shell grit, but this is not enough to
balance the nutritional requirements of the athletic pigeon.
Nowadays most fanciers add vitamins to the water 3-4 days
per week .B-WING can give your birds the vitamins that
are lacking in the feed.

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