Celbridge RPC 2012 The Annual Presentation

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Celbridge RPC 2012 The Annual Presentation

Postby tom » Sun Dec 16, 2012 1:17 pm

The Annual Presentation took place on Wednesday 12th December 2012 at our Club House & pub McEvoys Hazel Hatch Celbridge.
Members and our guests sat down to a lovely food buffet provided by the Hatch Pub. Our guests of honour was Alan Rice and Tucker Daniels from the Celtic RPC, and Marion Flower from our local pub which hosts our Club House at McEvoys. Tom Fagan and Brendan Holmes from http://www.pigeonmad.com also attended.

2012 Race Results
Pat Moran with certificate of achievement for the 2012 racing season

Paul and Marian Mcgrath Fagan for 3x1st Clubs and 3x2nd Clubs

Sean Bayley 4x1st Clubs and 5x2nd Clubs

Phil Murray 6x1st Clubs and 5x2nd Clubs

Tom Fagan 8x1st Clubs and 6x2nd Clubs

Sean Bayley Novice of the year award

Phil Murray Young Bird Average, Runner Up

Tom Fagan Young Bird Average Winner and Winner of the Young Bird of the Year Award

Tom Fagan, Winner, Young Bird of the Year Award

Paul and Marrian Marian Mcgrath Fagan, Winner of the Channel Average and Channel Bird of The Year Award

Phil Murray Runner Up Old Bird of the Year Award

Tom Fagan, Winner Old Bird of the Year Award

Click here to read more http://www.pigeonmad.com/clubs/celbridg ... g+2012.php

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