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PostPosted: Tue Sep 11, 2012 10:59 pm
by flyer
Celbridge RPC.

7 members sending 102 birds in our turn around young bird race was from Thurles on 25/8/2012 with a lib @ 9.45

Our birds where on there way home with a good south west wind to help, winning 1st 4th 5th 6th 7th and 8th club was Tom Fagan

The winning bird was a staf van reet young cock from Dean Pallatt stock, following close behind was Sean Baley winning 2nd and 3rd club P/M Fagan and Phil Murray finshing the top ten off well done lads.

Our next race was Pilmore beach 1/9/2012 with 114 miles to our members.

6 memembers sending 89 birds flying a very fast race winning

1st, 2nd 4th 5th Club was Tom Fagan with a blue pied hen sitting 12 day old eggs ,3rd club and racing very well this season was Sean Bayley, Onto mallow flying 122 miles 6 members sent 85 birds lib @ 10 45 winning hes 3rd young bird race of the 2012 season was Tom Fagan Winning 1st, 3rd and 4th with a mealy cock breed from hes good van reet mealey stock cock breed by Dean Pallatt,

Sean Baley from new castle with another 2nd place win Paul Fagan, Phil Murray and Pat Moran filling our top ten,

CLUB NEWS:This month we will be replacing our clubs roof with this work done and a clean up the club will have the full use of this old stone shed at the side of McVoys Pub we will have a fulltime racing pigeon Club this extra space will be most welcome as the club has 6 new members joined so far in 2012 and looking fordward to the 2013 season when all our new members will be racing with us ,

Check out Celbridge RPC now on Facebook, New Members are allways welcome with 6 free young birds and the use of T3 clocks at the Club Phone Tom @ 086 3536776 Best of luck.

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