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Ideal christmas present - Second Chances - fiction book ...

PostPosted: Thu Nov 19, 2009 9:38 pm
by Email_Free_Add
Ideal christmas present - Second Chances - fiction book about a pigeon fancier..

Lizzie Walsh has it all – a great life, a boyfriend she’s crazy about and a job she loves. Then one night, she sees the one person she just can’t forget - Joe Jones, the man convicted of the murder of Lizzie’s sister many years before. He has been released from prison and is now living close by. Lizzie googles him, finds out that he’s a member of the local pigeon racing club and so she starts very slowly to inveigle her way into his life and his loft...
But is it all as clear cut as it seemed when Joe was convicted or is there more to the story of Megan’s murder? Find out in Second Chances – a story of revenge, forgiveness, hate and love – and, oh yeah, . . . the beauty of homing pigeons.

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